The Objective of Chess

The objective in chess is to checkmate your opponent's King and there are three ways the game can end:

First you can checkmate your opponent this means that the King is in check under attack from an opponent's chess piece and the player can not make any move to remove the King from check. Then at this point the game is over and the checkmated player loses. The number of chess pieces on the board have nothing to do with it.

Second you and your opponent can reach a draw, the opponent's King is not currently in check but will be forced to be in check with their next move. This is because you can never put your own King in check you have no legit moves to make. A draw does not mean the attacking player has won. But instead it's a draw neither player has won.

In timed games each player has a specific number of time to make their moves. Then once their time runs out they loose, regardless of the chess pieces on the board. This means that you could have only your King left and avoided checkmate attempts from your opponent who has most of their chess pieces still on the chessboard can still win the game if your opponent runs out of time


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