The Brown Ambassador Chess Set


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Imported from Europe, The Brown Ambassador wood chess set is handcrafted out of sycamore natural and stained wood. It is the most popular of the European collection chess sets due to its size, design and artistic style. The chess pieces, and the chess board been hand burnt into the wood by the artisans. The King and Queen pieces feature crowns that are made of the opposing wood type.

The chess board has been designed to provide contrast for the sycamore natural and stained chess pieces, and a rich lacquered finish. The border of the chess board features the traditional rank and file labels. Inside the chess board are individual fitted compartments for storing the chess pieces when not in use, providing protection.

Material(s) Beech, Birch, Hornbeam, Sycamore

King Height 4.4” inch / 11.18 cm

King Base Diameter 1.5” inch / 3.81 cm

Square Size 2.25” inch / 5.7 cm

Chess Board Footprint 22″ inch x 22″ inch

Chess Board Height 1.2″ inch

Total Set Weight 26.7 oz (0.76 kg)

Total Number of Chess Pieces 32 Chess Pieces

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