Z-Mart II: Black Case with Colored LED


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Model Name: 51-500

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These are one of the coolest chess clocks in the market. The Z-Mart II is very easy to program and easy to use. The clocks use modern LED technology with eye-catching colors. These clocks were designed and engineered by avid chess players, but the clocks can be used for nearly every competitive two-player board game. Some of the main features of these clocks are:


Stainless steel touch sensing buttons.

Very easy to program menu.

Delay, Increment, Hour-glass, and Byo-yomi timing modes.

Programmable tournament modes with moves counter.

Three time controls available.

Dual timer mode (both timers can go up or down simultaneously or one at a time).

Score keeper mode (clock can be used to keep the score in a match.

Three different preset settings/modes can be kept in memory at all times.

Highly accurate clock.

Sound and LED indicators can be turned off.

Clock can be used for nearly every competitive two-player board game like Scrabble, Shogi, and Go.

Low power consumption.

Batteries should provide power for more than 1600 hours of use under normal conditions (compare to 600 hours of use that other clocks offer).

Very strong plastic enclosure to protect your clock.

Transparent windows for the displays are made of high impact-resistance poly carbonate (this is the same material used in the thick barriers of transparent plastic used in teller’s windows in banks).

Affordable price.

4 C batteries not included.

Patent pending.

Overall Dimensions: 7″ x 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″

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