The Black Junior Chess Set

The Black Junior Chess Set


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The Junior chess is a smaller version of the Royal set. The size of its folding case is 42x21cm instead of 54x27cm. The chessmen with burned ornaments are made from hornbeam natural and stained wood and they are weighted. The additional ornaments have been burned on the dark squares of the board. The burned folding chess board has an insert tray for the chess pieces storage inside.

Material(s) Beech, Birch, Hornbeam

King Base Diameter 1.0” inch / 2.54 cm

Square Size 1.5” inch / 3.81 cm

Chess Board Footprint 16″ inch x 16″ inch

Chess Board Height 0.825″ inch

Median Set Weight 6.8 oz (0.19 kg)

Total Number of Pieces 32 Chess Pieces

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