Square Off Kingdom Chess Set


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Model Name: CPU-SO-001

Square Off Kingdom Chess Set

Worlds Smartest Chess Board – Play chess against the board or against anyone across the globe. Play board vs board or board v/s app. Play against your friends or challenge millions of chess players online and watch with wonder as your opponents pieces move by themselves, right on your board. This is the future of chess.
Square Off, the most evolved, globally connected electronic chess board, is one of the best Thanksgiving gifts. Play against your friends or family or challenge 30+ million chess players online using advanced integration with Chess.com, giving users access to globally connected game play, get Square Off as a gift for your home and loved ones.

Square Off wooden chess board is one of the best Christmas gift ideas! Get as Christmas gifts for dad, he’ll love it! The board uses advanced robotics and sensors to automatically move the chess pieces with pinpoint precision. Use the Square Off App and analyze your game with a single click.

An AI powered handcrafted chess board with complicated carved chess pieces, the Square Off chess set is great for gifting! With the Square Off AI chess board, play up to 15 games of chess in a single charge with the in-built rechargeable battery. This electronic chess set is loved across 70 countries. ” Play the Square Off game. It is simply the best chess set yet.

Automated Movements, powered by advanced robotics
App Connected. Play with anyone, anywhere, right on your board
Play against the board. Built-in with 20 difficulty levels of AI
Handcrafted chessboard with rosewood finish
Battery life which lasts up to 15 games
Analyze game and perfect it each time you play

1 – 4 = up to ELO ~800
5 – 10 = 800 – 1600
11 – 16 = 1600 – 2300
17 – 20 = 2300 – 2500

ISBN Does not apply
Manufacturer: Square Off

King Height: 2.5″ inch / 6.35 cm

King Base Diameter: 1.0” inch / 2.54 cm

Square Size: 1.5” inch / 3.81 cm

Chess Board Footprint: 19″ x 19″

Total Number of Pieces: 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)

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