Risk 60th Anniversary Deluxe Heirloom Edition

Risk 60th Anniversary Deluxe Heirloom Edition


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Model Name: SW-765

Risk is the king of all war strategy board games. Risk will always have a special place in your gaming experience.
Half the fun of playing Risk is figuring out how to seize your first continent. Because you never know where your strongest position begins, you may have a few false starts.
One of RISK’s great advantages over other war strategy board games is its design. This is a great starter game for young players of all ages. Game play can last for hours and elevate an evening or weekend of fun.

This Deluxe Edition pays homage to and celebrates the 60 year history of RISK: The Game of Global Domination. Since RISK was first launched in 1959, it has been a favorite of military strategists across the country. This anniversary edition is designed to combine the classic RISK game play with quality design to create a truly special experience. Beautifully framed folding wooden game board with customized graphics, solid wood armies, and redesigned cards.
This edition will allow you to pull rank on your opponents the next time you decide to engage in the pursuit of Global Domination.

The game board folds in half and doubles as a storage case, with a locking closure.

The game board measures 27.5 in x 19.75 in x 1.25 open, 19.75 in x 14 in x 2.25 closed for storage.

The 60 Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes 6 Sets of wood armies in assigned colors, 7 storage boxes, a deck of 44 RISK cards, 5 Dice (2 White and 3 Red), and instructions.

Recommended for 2 to 6 Players, Ages 10 and Up.

Risk 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is officially Licensed by Hasbro.

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