Magnetic Chess Set with Case


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Small Portable Magnetic Chess Sets are popular, less for display and more for workability, these chess sets are great
for a chess player on the go.

Magnetic Portable Chess Sets feature smaller, lighter chess pieces that are easier to transport, strong magnets make
them an ideal choice for play while travelling in a vehicle when there’s a bounce in the road.

This small chess set also comes with a zippered case that has felted, individual slot storage so you won’t lose your chessmen.

This Small 8″ Set featuring a 1 1/2″ King, perfect for analysis.

Made in India.

King Height: 1 1/2″

King Weight: 0.3 oz

King Base: 1/2″

Overall Board Dimensions: 8″ x 8″

Square Size: 1 1/2″

Board Thickness: 1/2″

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