K9 Glass Chess Set Transparent Frosted


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Model: JH00972

High-end K9 crystal glass chessboard combination. Large 35cm x 35cm/13.8”x 13.8”, providing better texture. Made of K9 glass,
the chess pieces have delicate hand feel, non-scratching, durable, and has strong decorative effect. Good decoration at home.

The bottom of chess pieces is inlaid with flannel. Velvet cloth can be added to bottom of crystal block freely. When used,
the friction between chessboard and glass plate can be reduced to protect appearance of chessboard.

Simple and stylish chessboard, the actual chessboard is well known by transparent grids and frosted grids (not black and white grids),
and the color of background will show color of the board; there are 4 shock-absorbing pads at bottom of board, which is shock-resistant
and anti-drop.

Suitable for beginners, chess lovers, advanced players, and professionals to make fascinating games.

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