Hand Painted Egyptian Polystone Chess Pieces


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Model Number:2R-024

Bring your imagination to life with these figurine chess pieces. The chess pieces feature figures from ancient Egyptian culture. Traditional pawns have been replaced with cats. The pieces sit on theme-matching pedestals. Each chess piece is individually hand-painted in nice detail and crafted from poly stone.

Poly stone is a compound made up of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone, which gives the chess pieces added weight and a porcelain or “stone-like” feel that is more durable than crushed stone, an expensive option. Poly stone is slow to wear making it ideal for collectors and casual players.

This is a full set of 32 chess pieces. They feature a historically Egyptian theme. Each piece is protected in individual compartments within a foam tray inside a cardboard box.

Chess board not included.

King Height: 3 1/4″

King Weight: 1.0 oz

King Base: 1″

Recommended Square Size: 1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″

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