Burnt Golden Rosewood Grand Master Series Chess Pieces

Burnt Golden Rosewood Grand Master Series Chess Pieces


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Model Name: MENWGRA40-BRGR-P

The Chess pieces are hand carved by our master artisans and crafted out of the highest grade Boxwood and Golden Rosewood. The Chess pieces are heavily weighted with luxurious billiard cloth base pads and a gloss finish. These Chessmen have been designed for those players looking for exceptionally well-crafted wooden Chessmen at a very reasonable price. Designed by the Maestro, it is without a doubt the most attractive yet durable set available on the market at this price point.

Chess Board Included? The Chess Board featured is for photographic purposes only and must be purchased separately

Manufacturer: The House of Staunton

King Height: 4.0” inch / 10.16 cm

King Base Diameter: 1.625” inch / 4.13 cm

Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.25” inch Squares / 5.7 cm

Base Pad: Material Billiard Cloth

Median Set Weight: 42.4 oz/ 1.2076 kg

Total Number of Chess Pieces: 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)

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