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Model Name: SW-076

Westeros can vary (some battles require players to earn a certain number of victory points, while other battles require a player to take and hold strategic positions on the battlefield), but this collection of available scenarios, along with the ability to make your own exciting battles with the double-sided map board and over thirty map overlays, gives Battles of Westeros a wealth of replayability!

Battles of Westeros also offers plenty of strategic complexity, resulting in a satisfying number of compelling choices in every game. For example, each player has a special randomized Leadership Deck, consisting of unique tactics and abilities; this deck will change based on the scenario being played and characters present. Is Jaime Lannister on the battlefield? If you draw the appropriate Leadership Card, he can order nearby troops to aggressively rush their opponents! Is Eddard Stark guiding his forces into battle? Special flanking maneuvers enter your Leadership Deck, to potentially be drawn into your hand.

Battles of Westeros also features a level of realism that immerses you in the most significant conflicts of the War of the Five Kings. Each plastic figure base, which holds your infantry, archer, cavalry, and kennel master units, has a slot for a banner pole, a small flag-bearing attachment. The plastic banners that attach to each unit bear the crest of that unit’s house, and their orientation on the pole indicates at a glance whether that unit has been ordered yet. In addition to the intuitive and useful game effect this provides (differentiating the units you’ve activated from those you haven’t), the sight of your army’s banners spread impressively across the gorgeously designed game board will give you the sense that you are the clever Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock… or the stoic Robb Stark, with his dire wolf Grey Wind at his side!

Box Contains

1 Westeros Battle Guide
1 rule-book
138 plastic figures with bases
1 six-panel, double-sided map board
8 dice
110 cards
32 map overlay pieces
Hundreds of tokens

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