Axis and Allies WWI 1914 World War

Axis and Allies WWI 1914 World War


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Model Number:SW-186

Axis and Allies WWI 1914, the First World War. For the first time ever players can experience Axis and Allies in the setting of World War I. The familiar, time-tested Ananda rules have been adapted to let players control the armies of 1914. Pick up this title to enjoy a classic favorite in a whole new way. WWI 1914 gives players command of the mighty armies of eight major powers. The Central Powers of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire are aligned against the great alliance of France, the British Empire, the Russian Empire, Italy and the United States on a new game board extending from Washington, DC to Bombay, India.

For 2-8 Players

New major powers, alliances, maps, and unit sculpts

22 all-new unit sculpts are included, and enfranchised players will be pleased to see WWI units, like biplanes, in Axis and Allies for the first time

Ages 12 and above