American War of Independence

American War of Independence


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Model Name: 1776-450

The War for American Independence. Lexington and Concord. The Constitution of the United States. Patrick Henry. George Washington. King George. The original 13 Colonies. Bravery shown to defend their homes and loved ones from the British Empire!

The Colonial Americans were people who loved freedom and were people, from seamen to lawyers and doctors to farmers. Facing the British, they stood no chance on paper, but the determination and cause they fought for made up the difference.

In red uniforms, the British troops represent their 18th century nation. The British ‘regulars’ form the advance guard of chess pawns, and high ranking officers take the back row of chess pieces. The Union Jack next to a cannon–a weapon that gave the British a huge advantage early in the war, and was later used by both sides. The Colonials, in their blue and whites, won them a nation and the respect of the world several centuries ago. The original 13-starred flag rests next to a cannon as the corner defender(Rook), and militiamen man the front ranks of chess pieces with their commanders and commander-in-chief proudly standing at attention behind them.

Pieces: Oxo-Teak and hand painted in realistic museum reproduction colors by Italian artisans. Oxo-Teak is made of a special compound & crushed alabaster that resembles Ivory.

King Size: 3-1/2″ Tall, 1″ Bases.

Set Weight: 2.5 Pounds.

Chessboard Included.