American Civil War Chessmen


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Model Name: 863
The realistic museum reproduction colors are made of oxo-teak. Confederate Army of South led by Robert E. Lee battles federal troops of North led by General Ulysses Grant. Confederate Army of South and Federal Troops of North had many battles and loss of lives. With the Emancipation proclamation, Lincoln freed the salves. American civil war chess set is a thoughtful gift for collectors. These high detailed hand-painted chess figurines provide artifact value about various aspects of the US Civil war, Civil war leaders, Civil war weapons,flags, soldiers etc.

This American Civil War chess set includes detailed figurines of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis as kings. While figurines of General Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E Lee act as queen on this chess set. General Sherman and General Wall Jackson will act as bishop on this civil war chess set. Union and Confederate Calvary will act as Knight. Stars and Stripes as well as Stars and Bars will act as Castles. Chess pawns are Union drummer and Confederate bugler. Civil war chess sets are good for chess game lovers. Real history into a plain game. Whenever a chess board is set up, a new battle of civil war will start. Only the best moves will determine the out come.

Kids can be taught on these chess sets about history as well as the game of chess. Each Civil war chess set includes king measuring 3.25″.

King Height: 3.5″

Base: 1″ Square Size

Made in China.

Recommended Boards: 203,204,205,211,450 and 1939

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