Tips On Choosing A Chess Board

Choosing a Chess Board! 

  • It is a good idea to figure out how much space you have before you decide which chess board is right for you. Chess boards are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a compact 15 inches to more expansive 28-inch sizes.

  • Once you have narrowed down your size needs, take a look at the different chess board materials. Traditional chess boards are made of marble or a hardwood like walnut or rosewood.

  • Stone and marble chess boards are durable and can give a sense of beauty to the room in which they are displayed.

  • Wooden chess boards are a traditionally beautiful option for newcomers. Many wooden chess boards also come with storage drawers that make it easy to store your chess pieces after the game is over.

  • If you are looking for a more contemporary, rare chess board, check out some of the newer materials.We've got leather chess boards, and boards made of brass and glass. Plastic chess boards are a more durable, less expensive option for those just starting to play.

  • Themed chess boards can take your game to a whole new step. Pay tribute to the medieval atmosphere a game of chess that sends a message by investing in a chess board with a detailed castle or gothic theme.

  • Chess boards are as much about beauty as they are about function. A rare, beautiful chess board crafted from wood, marble, or leather will add a touch of quality to your home and become a real social piece at your next get together.

  • Think about the life span when choosing a chess board. A plastic chess board is great for everyday use, but a more professional boards and pieces make fantastic family souvenirs, and can be passed down from generation to generation.                                       ____________________________________________
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