Monopoly: Wooden Luxury Edition


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Model Name: SW-137

The Wooden Monopoly Luxury Edition joins the lavish lifestyle of Park Place! Enjoy this classic board game with luxury wooden components that should bring out your inner real estate mogul. From the elevated two-toned wooden cabinet down to the center dice-rolling area covered in faux-leather, every view of this simple family game is first class! All of the game pieces are made from die-cast metal, and the game board is constructed from gold-foil. There are two built-in drawers: one to store the game pieces and the other to be used as the banker’s tray. The game board, itself, is housed in an exclusive veneer walnut case and is an elegant showcase piece for any family room. Who needs $200 every time you pass “GO” when you’re playing Monopoly in luxury? Recommended for ages 8 and up.