IPEGA Joystick Gamepad Wireless BT5.0


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Model Name:PG-9083S

IPEGA Wireless Retractable Controller. Support IOS System iPhone/iPad, Android System Tablets/Smartphones and TV, Win7/Win8/Win10 PC, BT5.0 wireless transmission and easy to select modes.

* New Function Upgrade, Support Direct-Play Mode on iOS/Android Devices, Compatible with PUBG, Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival and act., Easy to operate, (No App Needed).

* BT Version 5.0, Delay-Free Experience.

* Equipped with large-size extending bracket, Extending size: 5″- 11″, can be placed with mobile phones and tablets, much easier to play games.

Please watch the video ipega-PG-9083S on YouTube.

【Android compatibility】: Compatible with Android 6.0 and above, compatible with mobile phone models such as Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + S10/S10+ NOTE 10 Galaxy S20 S20+ 5G /Huawei Mate 20 / 20plus/P30/P40 Pro P30 P30 Pro ,OPPO R17 ,VIVO X23 X27 X30 X30 PRO /xiaomi 10/10pro Smartphones and tablets (make sure your system is Android 6.0 or higher before purchasing). Phones that do NOT support MediaTek chips
2.【Start-up method】: NOTE: Customers must choose the startup mode for pairing according to their own devices. There is a button on the left side of the handle, there are three startup modes: iosV3 direct mode, Android V3 direct mode, Android standard game mode, mode After the key selection is correct, press and hold the HOME button to start, the LED light flashes quickly, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, and pairing. After the connection is successful, the LED light is always on
3. 【Download shooting plus V3 APP】: Scan the QR code on the instruction manual. Customers need to download shootingplusV3 APP to customize the buttons and customize the settings according to their own habits. Adjust the size of the virtual rocker properly to avoid too many dead zones. When setting the keys, align with the virtual rocker to avoid non-operation. customers can Search for related video tutorial PG-9083S on YouTube.
4.PG-9083S adopts wireless 5.0 wireless solution, compatible with most games on the market. PG-9083S structure is ergonomic ,Turbo-continuous hitting function makes the game more exciting, comfortable to operate; precise positioning, stretching ≤280mm / 11 inches) built-in 380mAH high-performance lithium battery, can Continuous use for more than 15 hours, fully charged for up to 30 days,
5.【iOS compatibility】: Applicable to ios11.0 / ios12 / ios13 system, but can not use ios13.4 /13.5 system, please make sure your mobile phone system is 11.0 — 13.3 system before purchase, 【iOS V3 connection】 Please adjust the gamepad to ios game mode, press and hold the HOME button, then turn on the Bluetooth of the phone to pair,

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