Green and Buff Regulation Tournament Chessboard

Green and Buff Regulation Tournament Chessboard


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Model Name: BRDV225

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  • Green & Buff
  • Burgundy & Buff
  • Navy & Buff
  • Blue & Buff
  • Black & Buff
  • Red & Buff

Vinyl Tournament Chessboard – 2.25″ measures 20″ x 20″. Feature 2.25″ squares, squared corners, Algebraic Notation on all sides, and are made of the durable vinyl for long life. These boards roll up and unroll easily for storage, resist tears, spills and the most demanding abuse. Great for use with either the Standard Chess Bag or Deluxe Chess Bag.

Exceeds all US Chess Federation and FIDE requirements for Official Tournament Use!

20″ x 20″ in size

Features rank and file labels on all four sides – ideal for beginners!

Manufactured out of high-grade vinyl and will resist dirt, tearing and spills

Rolls up into a tight tube-shape for easy transport