DGT North American Digital Chess Clock

DGT North American Digital Chess Clock


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Model Name: CLKDNA

The new DGT North American is a state-of-the-art digital chess clock at an incredible price. It is made by DGT Projects, one of the premier chess clock companies. It features 10 pre-set time controls, making it an ideal clock for both the serious player and the casual enthusiast. It presents a revolutionary new Quick-set option that makes configuring the clock a snap!

Multi period delay settings can be set up quickly, no need to study a user manual or memorize button combinations! The DGT North American offers: time, time + guillotine, 2 X + guillotine, time + repeating time, bonus (Fischer) options, time + bonus, 2 X time + bonus, bonus single period, bonus tournament.

Large, easy to read LCD Screen 7.5″ long x 2.0″ high x 4.0″ deep

Large tumbler shows who’s move from up to 60 feet away

Quick and easy to set and program

Set any control manually, fast

Ability to turn move counter on and off

Super easy to correct both time and move count

Sound alert option warns of time trouble

Low Battery Warning, No more unexpected interruptions!

16 contrast settings adjust for any lighting

2-year warranty against manufacturing defects