Learning Chess

Chess is often known as a long boring complicated game, chess does not have to be any of those things.

New chess players find the first moves of the game confusing and difficult, because there are so many pieces on the board. Beginners also do not understand the point of the game, how to win. Just moving the pieces around won't make much sense.

The easiest way to learn chess is to remove pieces from the board. Start play with only a few pieces on each side,  just the King, Queen, and a few Pawns.This makes the learning process simple, and gives new players a chance to play a quick and simple game that will get them familiar with the board and a few of the pieces. Once the player is comfortable with how those pieces move, add a piece to each side. A Rook, known as the Castle, is a good choice for the next piece to learn. After each short game, add another piece to the chess board.

With only a few pieces to move in each game, the game is much faster more like a puzzle. The spread out of the board also allows a player to occasionally add a Pawn, which is difficult to practice with a full board.

Promoting Pawns is a fun and usefull move, somewhat like "Kinging" in checkers. In Chess, if a pawn reaches the far side of the board, it can be traded for any other piece. The Queen is normally chosen as the new piece.
Not only does this method makes the learning process simple, it teaches the new player to have a goal. People who learn Chess by starting out with a full arrangement of pieces often get overwhelm near the end of the game, not knowing how to finish off an opponent.

Learning the End-Game first, the player can start planning a winning strategy early in the game. They will learn to see end-game situations and know how to take advantage of them.

So by starting at the end of the game, you will get to play quick and easy games, easily learn how all of the pieces move and in the long run you will have learned to play Chess much more effectively.


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